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Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation China

Being Worldwide Nepalese Students organization China, All the visitors are cordially welcomed for stopping at the site.

The site is the hub for all the Nepalese students studying all around China. So, we Nepalese students always should be affixed with each other, share our feelings and share our opinions being in China.

The site can be the best spot to be hanged out with. So, we are always hoping for your remark, speech, opinion and clarification. If there is anything you want to shed light on, write us at china@wnso.org

Thanking You!
WNSO China

Contact us:
You can contact us via these methods:
Email: china@wnso.org
WNSO Chautari: http://chautari.wnso.org


From WNSO China Co-ordinator :- Rajeev Ojha

I would like to introduce to you about my college Weifang Medical University which is in Shandong province which is about 8 hours from Beijing. This city is near the coastal area. The temperature of the city is very fluctuating. In summer the maximum temperature is about 40 degrees and in winter -12 degrees. The college lies in the middle of the city. SO, most things are very convenient. This city is not a big one. So, expenses here are less than other cities.

You can check the website http://www.meltmx.net/weifang to view the college and Nepalese students.

We have one student’s council here. We named it as “overseas student’s Council”. The main purpose of its establishment was to organize the various extracurricular programs in a coordinated way. So, the council has organized many extra curricular activities and Seminars in the College. You can find the activities, members, photo gallery of the “overseas student’s council” at the site http://meltmx.net/osc .

OSC also publishes wallpaper “HALLMARK” every month after its establishment. The wallpaper consists of articles about literature, science, medicine, facts, interviews, hello (ni hao!) segment, photos of latest events. We are regularly publishing this wallpaper, but sometimes there are breaks by college holidays and exams. WE have published HALLMARK on web and the address is http://meltmx.net/hallmark .


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