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Cost of Living

Now, CNY 100 Yuan roughly equals to US$12. The cost of living is higher than that of Nepal.

In Canteen food, US $40-60 per person per month for foreign student dining halls and US $20-30 per person per month for Chinese student dining halls.

Transportation cost varies with the Cities. If the economy of the city is high, the fare of taxi is about minimum 10 Yuan as in Shanghai and Beijing. Bus fare varies from 1-3Yuan according to the services it provides e.g., AC, Double Decker bus. Other cities are less cheap to travel.

A student expenses includes food, transportation and in entertainment stuffs. Our monthly expense is $50-80. Most students in China use bicycle as means of transportation. Beijing is called the city of bicycle. You can buy a second hand bicycle here in China; this will make your travel cost less.


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