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There are many scholarship seats for Nepalese students in China. About 20-25 Nepalese students each year study in China in Scholarship Seats. One type of Scholarship is the Exam taken in Nepal by Chinese Embassy. The examinee has to get 70% score for the interview. Then, only students are selected. Another scholarship is provided by “Araniko Samaj” which is in China. This scholarship is available to only those whose parents studied in China and are the members of”Araniko Samaj”. This is all controlled by Chinese Embassy in Nepal. For scholarship students, every course is in Chinese. They have to study Chinese language for a year, pass it, then only can study particular subject. The courses are mostly Medicine, Engineering, Chinese language, Business study. Courses in Chinese language are really tough because Chinese is one of the hardest languages in the world. But if you feel interest in it, you can easily master it.



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