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VISA Process

Foreign students of governmental scholarships and self-paid students chosen by the Chinese universities can submit application Form for Studying in China (JW201 form) both delivered by the Chinese universities and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner to the Chinese embassy for X visa within due terms. Those who will stay in China for less than half a year may apply for F visa. All foreign students shall bring the original copies of Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Foreigners (JW201 or JW202) and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner to apply for the Visa to China and enter China with the above original documents. Those with other passports, visas or without the original forms of above mentioned documents cannot register at the institution, and they cannot apply for residence permit in China. Before Residence permit card was another card and visa was in the passport. But now there are new rules. Residence permit is included in visa. For 1 year visa and residence, one has to pay 400 Yuan. Similarly 2,3 years 800 Yuan and 1000 Yuan respectively.

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